Undercover Mormon by Th. Metzger Chapter 52 The Word of Wisdom

Like no other religion I’ve encountered, Mormons spend a vast amount of time and energy on repression. But even with its amazing wealth, political clout and the soldier-like loyalty of its members, the Mormon Church can’t keep the repressed down forever. The church leaks around the edges; it oozes and squirts and sometimes explodes.

I am A Man of Letters. I’ve been reading lately, and I have found some words I would like to share. Today, “Undercover Mormon: A Spy in the House of the Gods” by Th. Metzger. Chapter Fifty-Two: The Word of Wisdom.

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Undercover Mormon: A Spy in the House of the Gods” is a memoir by Th. Metzger, available as an ebook from Roadswell Editions.

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