Undercover Mormon by Th. Metzger Chapter 57 An Angel’s Autograph

Some of the protesters are teenagers: broken-looking, confused about why their tiny church hates the Mormons so much. They hold up their hand-painted signs emblazoned with the words “Pagan,” “Hellfire” and “Damnation.” And they watch hundreds of other teenagers — happy and sure of themselves — heading for the Hill.

I am A Man of Letters. I’ve been reading lately, and I have found some words I would like to share. Today, “Undercover Mormon: A Spy in the House of the Gods” by Th. Metzger. Chapter Fifty-Seven: An Angel’s Autograph.

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Undercover Mormon: A Spy in the House of the Gods” is a memoir by Th. Metzger, available as an ebook from Roadswell Editions.

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