Undercover Mormon by Th. Metzger Chapter 58 I’m In

Just before the show starts, the cast assembles in two great columns in the aisles. Still there’s no sense that anything sacred is about to happen or that we’re gathered on holy ground. These aren’t method actors getting into their roles. Some Promised Land Indian girls—full of teenaged energy—break into a spontaneous electric slide. A guy wearing a lot of heathen necklaces asks the couple next to me if they’d like a picture. “You’ve got to be able to prove you were here,” he says.

I am A Man of Letters. I’ve been reading lately, and I have found some words I would like to share. Today, “Undercover Mormon: A Spy in the House of the Gods” by Th. Metzger. Chapter Fifty-Eight: I’m In.

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Undercover Mormon: A Spy in the House of the Gods” is a memoir by Th. Metzger, available as an ebook from Roadswell Editions.

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Harry Richman – I Love a Parade (Columbia 2701-D 1932)
Alfredo Band – My Love Parade (Edison 1319 1930)

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